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The Spaces Between Us Flyer

The Spaces Between Us: A Systems Approach to Trauma and the Body.

Friday 12th and Saturday 13th April 2024, Oxford, UK.

Trauma radically alters our relationships. In this 2 day workshop, based at the Friends Meeting House in Oxford, Miriam and Ed will share some cutting edge thinking to demonstrate contextual, deeply attuned, embodied and non-pathologising ways of working, building on the neuroscience of trauma. Participants will then have an opportunity to put some skills into practice in small groups.

The workshops will be led by Miriam Taylor and Ed Fellows.

For more details please visit our Training and Events Page and download the The Spaces Between Us flyer or to book your place please email Martin Capps at

Post Graduate Certificate/Diploma Courses

Relational Organisational Gestalt Certificate/Diploma.

ROG Phase One 2024-2025 Dates and Training Costs

Six, two day modules starting 21st and 22nd November 2024, and running through to July 2025, ONLINE and Oxford UK. Diploma option available.

By popular demand, our ROG Phase One course returns for 2024-2025 for which the dates have now been finalised. The modules will be led by Marie-Anne Chidiac and Sally Denham-Vaughan and held online and in Oxford, UK. For further information please go to the ROG Training Courses page or download the ROG Phase One 2024-2025 Dates and Tuition Costs flyer.

ROG 2024-2025 Dates and Costs

Certificate/Diploma in Contemporary Trauma Practice 2024-25

Trauma Certificate/Diploma 2024

Seven Modules from September 2024 to June 2025, starting 13th and 14th September 2024: Oxford, UK and Online.

This in-depth course will be running again for the 7th time, both online and in person, at the Friends Meeting House in Oxford. The Certificate/Diploma 2024-25 programme consists of seven, two day workshops (total 105 hours), which will build participants confidence, skills and understanding in working with trauma, especially complex trauma. Grounded in a relational perspective, the programme will offer a safe, non-pathologising and accessible approach to working with trauma.

The workshops will be led by Miriam Taylor, with guest trainers Margaret Landale, Ed Fellows, Martin Capps, Sonja Hookway and assisted by Nick Adlington.

For more details please visit our Training and Events Page and download the Trauma Certificate/Diploma 2024-25 flyer or to join the course please call Martin on 07941 647740 or email:

Relational Change in the British Gestalt Journal

"Fields of Power: the Moderation of Relational Moments"

Chidiac M-A., (2023) British Gestalt Journal, 32(1) pp. 8–20.

Building on the work of Kurt Lewin and Pierre Bourdieu, this paper by Marie-Anne Chidiac proposes a view of power beyond the notion of power of visible coercion and explores the more implicit power that lies in our everyday privilege and our ground, impacting the relational field. The article concludes with reflections on the implications for practice.

Read this groundbreaking paper on power in Gestalt on our Resources page.

Chidiac, M-A., British Gestalt Journal, 32(1): Fields of Power.
Taylor, M., British Gestalt Journal, 32(1)

"The Ecological Self: Narratives for Changing Times"

Taylor, M., (2022) British Gestalt Journal, 32, (1), pp. 39–48.

This paper by Miriam Taylor from our Leadership Team, considers some of the reasons why we resist the challenge to our customary way of thinking presented by Climate Change. The paper provides some cultural context for the individual dilemmas and choices that face us.

Based on the work of Joanna Macy, a three-part developmental model is presented, illustrated by clinical examples, personal narrative and dream work.

Those interested in attending the "The Spaces Between Us" workshop, or the Trauma Certificate/Diploma course may find this paper especially relevant. You can download and read it on our Resources page.

"The Cure" in the British Gestalt Journal by Aline Giordano from our ROG Associate Faculty.

Giordano, A. (2023) British Gestalt Journal, 32 (2), pp. 25-37

"THE CURE: working with separation and loss through song parody (lyric substitution)". This paper discusses the method of song parody as a Gestalt experiment, and the impact of working with song parody on the therapeutic healing of separation and loss. Lastly, the paper highlights the creative importance of working with culture, making the case that the artistic creation of self is above all cultural.

You can find this interesting paper on a novel therapeutic Gestalt approach on our Resources page.

Giordano, A., British Gestalt Journal, 32(2)
This Months Newsletter

Relational Change Newsletter

Mending Each Other One Song at a Time

In this January newsletter, Aline Giordano, ROG Graduate and ROG Associate Faculty Member, outlines her use of the "phenomenology of listening", especially employing the vibrancy of rock music, as a successful ROG approach in her work with organisations. She vividly describes how music helps us track and make sense of our experience of being in the world and our relationship to self, other and the situation.

To read more in this months newsletter, or to see previous newsletters, please go to our Links page.

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We help individuals, couples, families, teams, organisations and communities find improved outcomes through better relationships.

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Relational Change promotes a relational approach in all walks of life. Together with our associates and affiliated centres in the UK and Europe, we aim to deliver value to people, groups and communities in the areas of Organisational Development, Community Building, Coaching and Psychotherapy.

We are an Organisational Member of INTAGIO and work closely with a number of partners across the world to develop the relational movement.

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