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Nicky Burton

Nicky Burton, Gestalt Practitioner in Organisations, EAGT.

Nicky has an extensive and international background working in the private, public and third sectors and with family businesses. Nicky works with individuals and teams to facilitate improved relationships and results and to develop potential.  Along with a successful corporate career in organisation and talent development, strategy and marketing in well-known global technology and financial services companies, Nicky trained as a yoga teacher and as a gestalt psychotherapist.  As an organisation consultant and coach, Nicky integrates these perspectives along with action enquiry and action learning to work relationally with people across organisations.

Why Relational Change? I work with people and organisations, connecting with their hopes and concerns and creating energy, commitment and relationships that enable change.

Martin Capps

Martin Capps, UKCP Registered Psychotherapist, GPTI.

Martin is a gestalt psychotherapist and supervisor with over 17 years of experience in the private, NHS and third sectors as a counsellor, psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer. He has a specialist interest and expertise working with individuals and groups with addictive issues. He is currently focussing more on relational and community approaches and processes. Read more about Martin in the November 2017 Newsletter

I am attracted to working with Relational Change because of the shared belief and passion that relationship is at the heart of all human interaction.

Frans Meulmeester

Frans Meulmeester, Gestalt Practitioner in Organisations, EAGT.

Since 1973 Frans has worked as a teacher, trainer and consultant. First in education, but later in Healthcare and the care for the elderly. In 1989 he started his own centre for training, consultancy and therapy, called Invitation and from this time he also worked as a psychotherapist. He frequently works internationally in The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Russia, Greece, Bulgaria, Nepal and the Czech Republic. Frans is a full member of the European Association for Gestalt therapy and the European Association for Psychotherapy and registered as a Gestalt Practitioner in Organizations in the EAGT.

The base for all my activities is a combination of interest in other people, enthusiasm for the gestalt-approach and the experiences in organizations in healthcare and education. If people ask me, what my topics are as a trainer or consultant, my answer is: all my activities are focused on the relational aspects of organizations. And that is why I am interested in Relational Change!!

Lynda Osborne

Lynda Osborne D Psych, UKCP Registered Psychotherapist.

Lynda has been involved in counselling and psychotherapy for 30 years. After thirteen years in post she retired as Head of the Gestalt Department at the Metanoia Institute in London in 2012. Her doctorate addressed the senior management role in a psychotherapy training context. Lynda was the founding Chair of the UKAGP: the United Kingdoms National Gestalt Organization. She is a Teaching and Supervising Member of the Gestalt Psychotherapy Training Institute and a member of the UKCP HIPC Training Standards Committee. Lynda travels internationally training therapists, attending and presenting at conferences, visiting her family and enjoying new countries. Read more about Lynda in the June 2016 Newsletter

Lynda's interest in Relational Change is because, in her experience, the way we create/adapt to change is fundamental and relationships are at the heart of that process!

Leanne O'Shea

Leanne O'Shea, DPsych.

Leanne is a psychotherapist, educator and supervisor in private practice in Melbourne, Australia. She is a senior faculty Member of Gestalt Therapy Australia and teaches internationally. Her particular interests include sexuality within the therapeutic context and the importance of an erotic sensibility in sustaining relationality and "field activism" - an embodiment of field theory that supports growing social and relational responsibility. Leanne is passionate about supporting Gestalt practitioners to write. She is well published and is an inaugural co-editor of the Gestalt Journal of Australia and New Zealand. She is an international faculty associate at Pacific Gestalt Institute, and a member of the International Advisory Board of The Relational Center in Los Angeles. Read more about Leanne in the July 2017 Newsletter

My interest in working with Relational Change is grounded in both my relationships with those already involved, and what is their clear commitment to a set of values that uphold relationality, complexity and a desire for change that honours connection, respect and sustainability.

Miriam Taylor

Miriam Taylor, MSc., UKCP Registered Psychotherapist.

Miriam Taylor is a Gestalt psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer with many years experience. Her background was in community-based adult education before training as a counsellor and psychotherapist. She is a specialist therapist in a trauma service and works in private practice. She teaches on a freelance basis and has taught in the Gestalt department at Metanoia Institute. Miriam's book "Trauma Therapy and Clinical Practice: Neuroscience, Gestalt and the Body" was published by Open University Press in March 2014. Read more about Miriam's work in the October 2016 Newsletter

Why Relational Change? Because I believe fundamentally that meaningful change happens from the bottom up. I have been drawn to the grass roots throughout my career - with individuals, in groups and in organisations. The skills we have as therapists are too valuable to be limited to those who can pay; I strive to make them more accessible to those who need them.

Affiliated Organisations and Centres

New Gestalt Voices.

Contact Name: John Gillespie :

New Gestalt Voices is an organisation led by people newer to gestalt. We are committed to reinvigorating the gestalt field in order that more of us can harness our gifts in service of wider social change. We do this through the NGV Journal, through support and mentoring of newer gestaltists and through initiatives that emerge from our community via an open leadership structure.

Relational Change was instrumental in supporting our start up. We are both organisations that work through community to support change within wider society. We remain inspired by Relational Change's work and are delighted to be an affiliate.

The Centre for Relational Gestalt Psychotherapy (Centret för relationell gestaltpsykoterapi), Sweden.

Contact Name: Helena Kallner :

The Centre for Relational Gestalt psychotherapy in Sweden offers psychotherapy, coaching, support groups, supervision and training to individuals and groups.

We are pleased to affiliate with Relational Change as at the heart of our organisation is a curiosity in deepening our understanding of the relational approach inherent in gestalt therapy. We are also interested in how therapy can become more available, and in how an inter-relational stance can be applied also outside of the traditional therapy setting.

Gestalt Centre Wales.

Contact Name: Anne Pettit :

Gestalt Centre Wales is a Centre of Excellence offering a wide range of services including the Chepstow Therapy Rooms alongside the Child and Family Therapy Centre. Established Practices where a number of Psychotherapists/ Counsellors; Creative Arts therapists and holistic therapists come together to assist clients in the process of healing through holistic complimentary therapies counselling and psychotherapy. Gestalt Centre Wales hosts various Continual Professional Development workshops and events for therapists in the field. All therapists and practitioners at the Centre are members of professional bodies, which administer their own Codes of Ethics and are fully covered by professional indemnity insurance. As members they are expected to undertake a specific number of hours each year to update and maintain an ethical and evidence based practice.

Whole Intelligence Now.

Contact Name: Malcolm Parlett :

Whole Intelligence Now develops the fundamental idea of Malcolm's book: "Future Sense: Five Explorations of Whole Intelligence for a World That's Waking Up", that humanity can become vastly more effective – individually, organisationally, societally, globally – through developing its ’whole intelligence’ or all-round capability to function with maturity, insight, compassion, and wisdom. Whole Intelligence Now will seek to bring focus, teaching, community, and practical examples a wider audience, promoting a contagion of ideas that spread and inspire.

Whole Intelligence Now is a natural ally and collaborator-institution with Relational Change: the overlap of values and priorities is considerable. Developing whole intelligence is inherently relational: we learn most from the example of others; through deeply meeting others; by growing in relationship. We believe this is the means whereby a ’contagion of ideas’ comes about.

Down to Earth Project.

Contact Name: Jen McKenna :

Down to Earth is about social inclusion through practical sustainability and personal development. Working with hard-to-reach groups we offer diverse and adaptable programmes based in the outdoors. Through novel situations and learning opportunities we aim to encourage safety, support community, build interdependency and mutual respect.

It’s a pleasure to be a part of the Relational Change learning community, creating connections that inspire new approaches to relational practices.

Leaderful Women Project.

Contact Name: Sue Congram :

The Leaderful Women Project is a new and innovative development in working with men and women in leadership. Stepping aside from gender, but not losing sight of it, the project focuses on masculinised and feminised ways of working in context, where both are needed and both can be put into practice. With the current focus of the project on the development of women, the future vision of is to work with both men and women in leadership together. Informed by research and led by a group of highly experienced practitioners in the UK and Australia, learning is achieved through small action-based learning groups and one-to-one coaching. 

It is a privilege to be connected to Relational Change where common interests gather and minds and hearts meet.

Safir Counselling & Training Center (Istanbul, Turkey).

Contact Name: Elyan Aysoy :

At Safir Yaşam Atölyesi  we offer Gestalt counselling/psychotherapy as well as trainings in Gestalt , Expressive Arts , Jungian Therapy and Energy Psychology for individuals and organisations committed to self-growth and development.

Having known Marie-Anne and Sally for a number of years, I feel Safir and Relational Change share a common mission to empower people, groups and communities and build healthy dependability on each other through relational, creative and interactive methods.  I feel excited to be part of this global mission and contribute to the development of the field.

Relational Thinking RelationalThinkingLogo208x4 (8K)

Contact Name: Joshua Hemmings :

Relational Thinking opens up a genuinely new way of reforming what people, governments and organisations do. Focussed on three key ideas; people are more than individuals, wealth means more than money and society needs more than connections, Relational Thinking aims to be relevant to all areas of life.

The concept and practices of Relational Change and Relational Thinking are very timely, together we will try and strengthen our efforts to point people in a different, more sustainable, way of life and work