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Nicky Burton

Nicky Burton, Gestalt Practitioner in Organisations, EAGT.

Nicky has an extensive and international background working in the private, public and third sectors and with family businesses. Nicky works with individuals and teams to facilitate improved relationships and results and to develop potential.  Along with a successful corporate career in organisation and talent development, strategy and marketing in well-known global technology and financial services companies, Nicky trained as a yoga teacher and as a gestalt psychotherapist.  As an organisation consultant and coach, Nicky integrates these perspectives along with action enquiry and action learning to work relationally with people across organisations.

Why Relational Change? I work with people and organisations, connecting with their hopes and concerns and creating energy, commitment and relationships that enable change.

Martin Capps

Martin Capps, UKCP Registered Psychotherapist, GPTI.

Martin is a gestalt psychotherapist and supervisor with over 17 years of experience in the private, NHS and third sectors as a counsellor, psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer. He has a specialist interest and expertise working with individuals and groups with addictive issues. He is currently focusing more on relational and community approaches and processes. Read more about Martin in the November 2017 Newsletter

I am attracted to working with Relational Change because of the shared belief and passion that relationship is at the heart of all human interaction.

Vienna Duff

Vienna Duff, UKCP Registered Psychotherapist, CSTD, QTS, M.A.(Cultural Studies), M.A.(Gestalt Psychotherapy).

Vienna is a psychotherapist and an associate lecturer/mentor with the Open University. She has been an educator for nearly 30 years and a Gestalt practitioner for 12. Her decision to leave full-time teaching 15 years ago led to a period of working for Women's Aid and studying Art and Design before choosing to train as a Gestalt psychotherapist. Currently a therapist and supervisor in an NHS Service, she also has a small private practice, gives support to two grass-roots, voluntary organisations who organise aid and support in response to the current refugee crisis in Europe and volunteers in a specialist sexual abuse centre. She participates in an RC Community of Practice and the Marianne Fry Lecture Organising Group. Her personal reflections on "The Trauma of War across Generations" was published by the British Gestalt Journal, 2014. Read more about Vienna in the July 2018 Newsletter.

Why Relational Change? Because I believe that growth and sustainable change are rooted in values and principles that support collaborative, nourishing relationships within co-created enabling fields.

Mark Fairfield

Mark Fairfield, LCSW, BCD, Founder of "The Relational Center", Los Angeles, CA.

Mark is an internationally recognized Gestalt trainer, author and organizer, with significant experience in organizational consulting, leadership coaching and clinical social work. After completing his graduate studies in social welfare at Columbia University in the 1990s, he occupied various leadership positions in the AIDS movement and the field of public mental health. He founded The Relational Center, a grassroots nonprofit in Los Angeles with strong ties to Relational Change. There he served as Executive Director for over 10 years. Today Mark works with executive boards and management teams of change-making institutions, offering leadership development and support for culture shift and social transformation. Read more about Mark in the April 2018 Newsletter.

Why I want to join Relational Change? I am convinced that we must rescue our ability to depend on each other.... to ensure our own sustainability and the health of our world. Relational Change is defending the value of relationships in a world that increasingly ignores them. I feel called to come alongside and share responsibility.

Naoum Liotas

Naoum Liotas, B.Sc., MBA, ICF Certified Coach, Gestalt Practitioner in Organisations EAGT, BACP Registered Psychotherapist.

Naoum is a professional certified coach, Gestalt psychotherapist, supervisor, trainer and consultant based in the UK and working internationally. Naoum is passionate about the concepts and practices of ethical and embodied presence and how these can support co-learning and co-creation for individuals and organisations. His practice and experience include the domains of experiential adult learning, lecturing, organisational behaviour, diversity training and management and currently provides his services for a charity for supporting people living with HIV.

Why Relational Change? Through my personal journey, I have come to realise the importance of body awareness and how ethical presence is at the heart and is actually the epicentre of mending our world from the ailments of disconnection and egocentricity. By joining Relational Change, I am investing in a call for a future that is more interconnected, interesting and relational.

Frans Meulmeester

Frans Meulmeester, Gestalt Practitioner in Organisations, EAGT.

Since 1973 Frans has worked as a teacher, trainer and consultant. First in education, but later in Healthcare and the care for the elderly. In 1989 he started his own centre for training, consultancy and therapy, called Invitation and from this time he also worked as a psychotherapist. He frequently works internationally in The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Russia, Greece, Bulgaria, Nepal and the Czech Republic. Frans is a full member of the European Association for Gestalt therapy and the European Association for Psychotherapy and registered as a Gestalt Practitioner in Organizations in the EAGT. Read more about Frans in the January 2018 Newsletter.

The base for all my activities is a combination of interest in other people, enthusiasm for the gestalt-approach and the experiences in organizations in healthcare and education. If people ask me, what my topics are as a trainer or consultant, my answer is: all my activities are focused on the relational aspects of organizations. And that is why I am interested in Relational Change!

Leanne O'Shea

Leanne O'Shea, DPsych.

Leanne is a psychotherapist, educator and supervisor in private practice in Melbourne, Australia. She is a senior faculty Member of Gestalt Therapy Australia and teaches internationally. Her particular interests include sexuality within the therapeutic context and the importance of an erotic sensibility in sustaining relationality and "field activism" - an embodiment of field theory that supports growing social and relational responsibility. Leanne is passionate about supporting Gestalt practitioners to write. She is well published and is an inaugural co-editor of the Gestalt Journal of Australia and New Zealand. She is an international faculty associate at Pacific Gestalt Institute, and a member of the International Advisory Board of The Relational Center in Los Angeles. Read more about Leanne in the July 2017 Newsletter

My interest in working with Relational Change is grounded in both my relationships with those already involved, and what is their clear commitment to a set of values that uphold relationality, complexity and a desire for change that honours connection, respect and sustainability.

Ann Shuptrine

Ann Shuptrine, MA., Sociology and Fine Art, BSc., Psychology, Gestalt Practitioner in Organisations EAGT, Certificate in Open Floor Movement.

Ann Shuptrine is an Embodiment Coach, Consultant, Trainer, Facilitator of Open Floor Movement and Artist working internationally. Passionate about how embodied presence can transform personal/professional lives as well as wider systems, Ann supports individuals, businesses and brands to harness the creative intelligence of the human body. She shares her vision to help others cultivate the artistry of embodied presence to nurture authentic relating, enhance creativity, inspire innovation and effect change. Ann is a graduate of the Relational Organisational Gestalt (ROG) programme and is registered as a Gestalt Practitioner in Organisations with EAGT. Read more about Ann in the January 2020 Newsletter

Why Relational Change? I believe that ethical (embodied) presence, the heart of the Relational Change approach, is a much needed antidote to outdated world systems which require holistic connectivity to creatively adjust within our changing world.

Affiliated Organisations and Centres TOP

Gestalt Centre Australia

Contact Name: Tony Jackson :


Relational Skills is a new program of Gestalt Centre based in Melbourne, Australia. Gestalt Centre is also the home of Gestalt Therapy Australia, a relational gestalt training program now in its 24th year of operation and ConnectGround a gestalt community based clinic. In 2018 Relational Skills partnered with Relational Change and will be the provider of the Relational Change accredited Supervision Training in Melbourne from 2020.

The partnership with Relational Change recognises our many shared values in the work and ethos of the two organisations. The partnership is an expression of our growing commitment to meaningful collaboration in support of communities of practice.

Gestalt Centre Wales


Gestalt Centre Wales is a Centre of Excellence offering a wide range of services including the Chepstow Therapy Rooms alongside the Child and Family Therapy Centre. Established Practices where a number of Psychotherapists/ Counsellors; Creative Arts therapists and holistic therapists come together to assist clients in the process of healing through holistic complimentary therapies counselling and psychotherapy.

Gestalt Centre Wales hosts various Continual Professional Development workshops and events for therapists in the field. All therapists and practitioners at the Centre are members of professional bodies, which administer their own Codes of Ethics and are fully covered by professional indemnity insurance. As members they are expected to undertake a specific number of hours each year to update and maintain an ethical and evidence based practice.

Organisation Development Network Europe, UK

Contact Name: Donna Tuck :


ODN Europe is the European Chapter of the Organization Development Network, an international professional association of organization development practitioners. Through regional group meetings, a mentoring program, an annual conference and more, it is our mission to advance the theory and practice of OD across Europe. Like the Relational Change community, practitioners in our network are committed to the principles of social responsibility, social justice and the interconnectedness of systems.

With a firm commitment to the inclusion of people, ideas, perspectives and cultures, ODN Europe is proud of our alliance with Relational Change.

The Center for Moving Studies, Sweden

Contact Name: Helena Kallner :

Logo-CenterMovingStudies (6K)

The Center for Moving Studies promotes a relational and movement oriented approach to psychotherapy, leadership and personal and professional development. The Center for Moving Studies provides trainings, therapy and supervision.

Whole Intelligence Now

Contact Name: Malcolm Parlett :


Whole Intelligence Now develops the fundamental idea of Malcolm's book: "Future Sense: Five Explorations of Whole Intelligence for a World That's Waking Up", that humanity can become vastly more effective – individually, organisationally, societally, globally – through developing its ’whole intelligence’ or all-round capability to function with maturity, insight, compassion, and wisdom. Whole Intelligence Now will seek to bring focus, teaching, community, and practical examples a wider audience, promoting a contagion of ideas that spread and inspire.

Whole Intelligence Now is a natural ally and collaborator-institution with Relational Change: the overlap of values and priorities is considerable. Developing whole intelligence is inherently relational: we learn most from the example of others; through deeply meeting others; by growing in relationship. We believe this is the means whereby a ’contagion of ideas’ comes about.

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